Electrical Troubleshoot, Repair, Upgrade & Installation in New York City & Westchester County

Electricity is one of the most important resources at humanity’s disposal. For you, a modern person that has need of it on a daily basis, electrical issues are not only costly, but critical. We at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp know we can give you a team of knowledgeable and experienced electricians that will offer you the best commercial repair services available.

Lost power at your workplace, for example, could mean that you lose important data or, in the worst cases, cause damage to the equipment connected to power outlets.

If you are prone to looking up ‘electrical services near me’ or ‘electrical repairs near me’ and live in the areas of New York, New Jersey or Connecticut, request an appointment with us . Trust us to fix your electrical problem once and for all.

Our Services

Electrical troubleshooting, repair, upgrade and electrical installation

Electrical troubleshooting, repair, upgrade and installation

Among the services offered to clients we have:

●     Electrical troubleshooting, repair, upgrade and installation

This service includes the revision and determination of faults in circuits. To achieve this we follow standard troubleshooting methods, which consist of the analysis and determination of faulty components and unusual behavior in electrical circuits.

We gather information, understand the malfunction to find its source, perform the electrical repair and verify that it’s working as intended.

This method ensures that issues regarding flickering lights, tripping circuit breakers, power, voltage and amperage problems, along with grounding issues and overheating, do not recur and cause you further trouble.

By hiring this service you are guaranteed qualified and licensed electricians at your door. Our team has over 20 years of experience not only in residential fields, but also on an industrial and commercial scale.

●     Remodeling

Whether you’re remodeling your home or a building for a new enterprise, you know you need the very best the market has to offer.

Network One knows how hard renovations are, especially on older buildings with faulty construction work. Our professional staff of fully trained technicians will be able to assist you in the implementation of modern technology and repairing faulty equipment..

As a NYC + Westchester Licensed electrical contracting firm, fully insured and committed to our job, Network One Electrical Contracting Corp prides itself on being up to date on regulations, safety requirements and current codes and standards. We are fully prepared to aid you in your renovation endeavors.

●     Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Commercial Electrical installations refer to the installation and maintenance of electrical components in businesses.

They differ from residential ones mainly in the fact that, in businesses, wiring is fully accessible and out in the open, guarded by conduits that protect the components from hazards.

This service includes:

  • Upgrading of electric service for a higher demand.
  • Installation of Watt saver lighting systems.
  • Installation of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches).
  • Installation of generators and wiring.
  • Working along with local utilities.
  • Upgrade of electrical panels and distribution equipment.
  • Fixture replacement with LED’s.
  • Working along with your IT group for all their power needs.
  • And finally, access to emergency service calls on a 24/7 schedule.

Because the stable functioning of electrical wiring is necessary for a business to be successful, it’s important to hire skilled and experienced individuals. If flammable liquids, gases or other substances are in the environment, your electrician must be careful to keep the electrical components safely guarded from them.

Our team of experienced electricians will be able to offer you a trustworthy, meticulous installation and maintenance of the wiring in your building.

●     Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair

A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that protects electrical circuits from damage caused by a short circuit or a current overload. This automatically operated switch is of immense importance since all of the electricity is running and managed through it.

We will take care of the replacement of the electrical panel, the installation of a circuit breaker box, an electrical panel or a fuse box. We also offer a fuse box expansion service alongside a circuit breaker reparation service.

Our staff of licensed electricians will make sure that the circuit meets current electrical standards and codes, alongside determining if the system can handle the extra load or if the new breaker is necessary at all.

Because of its structure, the handling of the circuit breaker requires caution, a detail oriented mind and experience to reduce the risks of accidents or additional damage. Trust our team to care for your electrical systems.

●     Code Violation repairs

In older houses, especially those made before 1960, it’s common to encounter knobs and tubing wires in walls, ceilings and floors, which makes the faults in wiring difficult to find. Times have changed, technology has improved and the Electrical Codes and Standards have also evolved.

Our professional staff of electricians can help you check your electrical installations, perform electrical inspections and maintenance, along with repairs to all the areas that require them (like plugs, electric gates and board repair and assembly).

We also check that your electrical equipment is up to SEC certifications and T1 certified regularizations.

Save yourself the trouble (and from the dangers of managing these areas) of performing all these repairs and installations yourself by hiring our team of experts to repair all your code violations.

●     Wiring and rewiring

Wires are the cords transmitting energy to all areas of your house or commercial building, which is why the proper maintenance, replacement and renovation of these components is such a necessity.

Our team will make sure to check switches and outlets that aren’t working, searching for cracks or loose wires. The service also includes inspecting warm outlets or switches, repairing sizzling coming from any switch or resolving burning smells or sparks from electric outlets.

We at Network One want to help you resolve your electric problems. By hiring this service you will have a team of reliable and skilled electricians to safely and efficiently make sure all the wiring in your property is up to code.

●     HVAC wiring

HVAC refers to indoor environment technology, such as heaters, air handlers for ventilations or air conditioners. Though it may appear simple to some, however, like most electricity related installations, it is very dangerous to do without a professional.

We at Network One will help with the implementation of light glimmer, breaker trips or fuse puffs, replacing window units, adding HVAC appliances and relocating mechanical rooms.

Let our team of licensed and trained professionals assist you in the remodeling and improvements of your home or business. With their extensive expertise they will save you hours and money you would have lost by attempting this activity yourself.

●     Computer wiring

Computer wiring

Computer wiring

If you are looking to implement, expand or improve the wiring of computer systems in your business, our team of experts will be happy to assist you.

Our services include free on-site consultations, implementation of fiber optic networks,  network cabling and installations, the installation and design of Data centers , network maintenance and more.

Network One has a team of experienced technicians to provide you with the best IT service available, all to ensure the continued operation of your systems. This service is offered based on your needs and requirements, designed to satisfy your request to 100%.

●     Electrical panels

Electric panels supply current and separate it the electric power feed into an accompanying circuit, in other words, It is the place where the energy protection and control elements reside. It makes sure that people and buildings are safe in case of failure.

As you can see, electrical panels are one of the most important aspects of your electric system, which is why you need a company that will offer you great expertise and commitment.

Our staff will provide reliable services to your home or company, overseeing each area of the assigned project and offering their expertise and prioritizing the safety of users and customer satisfaction.

●     Ceiling fans installation and repair

Using a fan is a great way to get air circulating better at your house or building, while also being more ecological than an air conditioner. With numerous types and sizes, you can choose depending on your needs and the weather you experience regularly.

Once your choice is made, give our team a call.

Our expert electricians will install the ceiling fan or perform any repairs necessary on your old model. With a large career in the field of electricity, they will be able to bring you the best solution possible.

●     LED lighting conversions

Changing from regular lighting to LED is no easy task, however, our team of experts at Network One have devised a wonderful method to make the process faster and more lasting.

Our team will make a full analysis of your needs and the capacity of your building to offer you a plan of action that will match your expectations.

LED lights are a less expensive (not to mention better) alternative to regular bulbs. Improve the lighting in your building by hiring our team, our professional electricians are experienced in different fields and have over 20 years of experience to offer you the best service possible..

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