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First of all, it is important to define what HVAC means. HVAC stands for heating, ventilations and air conditioning. This is the system that provides heating and cooling to your home or commercial building, ensuring that you are in a comfortable environment that suits your needs.

Though it may seem simple at first glance, installing a HVAC system requires rigorous training, experience and should only be installed by a licensed professional. Handling wiring in any capacity can end up causing damage to your property, injuries to your person or even death.

This is when Network One comes in. Our team of experts can help you install, replace or repair your HVAC wiring to get it working at maximum efficiency so that you and your family (or workers) can feel comfortable while performing your daily activities.

How does HVAC work?

When the system is heating, it is normally referred to as a furnace or boiler, which includes a pipe system that carries fluid transporting the heat or duct work in case of a forced air system.

The ventilation aspect of it works by replacing or exchanging air within a space so that the air indoors is cleaner, removing moisture, smoke, smell, heat dust, bacteria and others, along with regulating the temperature and replenishing oxygen.

Finally, the air conditioning system is, very clearly, the opposite of the heating function. This system is in charge of removing heat from the interior of the home and lowering the temperature to the desired one.

What is the difference between HVAC and air conditioning?

Though it may seem like they are the same, it is not quite that. We know air conditioning, as we have established, as the system keeping your home or commercial building at a temperature that is most comfortable for all using it.

However, air conditioning is simply a function, an element of the HVAC system, meaning that air conditioning is part of the HVAC, while the HVAC is the main unit and system managing temperature and air regulation.

Why keeping your HVAC system up to date is important

Newer technology brings with it many benefits. Here are a few reasons why you should have an HVAC system installed or upgraded:

  • It is energy efficient. Thermostats and comfort-monitoring systems are designed to determine when you are more likely to be home by keeping tabs on changes in temperature, which means that the HVAC will consume less resources while you are away. The fact that the system can know and analyze the temperature in your home, means that it will know how to manage cycle times better and adjust quickly, which will keep your system working efficiently for longer.
  • It’s more efficient, since it offers you a wide array of functions and it is not constrained to air conditioning or heating, it can also control the ventilation. For example, air filters and fans will offer you higher quality air while maintaining a comfortable temperature throughout the house.  
  • Your HVAC system will last longer with newer technology meant to sustain tear and wear. As the HVAC system improves regarding functions, so do the materials used for its construction. Because of this, performing maintenance will not only be faster, but be required less often.
  • Having an HVAC system in your home or commercial building will mean a return on investment for you. When the time for selling your house or building comes, appraisals and inspections will determine the value given to the structure based on local codes. An up to date HVAC system will be able to up the resale value by quite a bit, returning the amount you used to install it in the first place.


Why installing a HVAC system yourself is a bad idea

Installing components of an electrical system, or any appliance and device that is intricately connected to the electrical system, is a dangerous and very detail oriented task. The person performing the repair or installation must be skilled, efficient and have knowledge and experience of how to do it.

By trying to deal with HVAC wiring yourself you are putting your life at risk, you may suffer injuries or perhaps even death. Another consequence of installing an HVAC without any technical knowledge of electricity is the fact that improper connection of the wires can cause electrical fires.

The risk of a fire breaking out when you attempt this task by yourself is immensely high, as will be the reparations that would have to be paid to recover everything lost. This is the reason why you should trust a group of professionals to help you fix your HVAC wiring issues. 

Often, insurance companies reject applications regarding the pay for fire damage caused by employing unlicensed electricians to perform the installation, resulting in faults in the wiring fitted.

Our team of technicians is ready to offer you the assistance you need. They have over twenty years of experience and are prepared to perform HVAC installations without causing damage to the system or other components that are part of the electrical system.

If you need help with your HVAC wiring be sure to contact us! Schedule an appointment or ask for our prices and let us help you enjoy the wonders of HVAC without endangering your life.

Our HVAC Wiring Services

Our electricians are certified and knowledgeable enough to help you solve all your electrical issues regarding HVAC. If you are experiencing any of the following issues then do not hesitate to contact us at +1 718-792-4733 to make an appointment or consult our prices.

  • If when using the heating or air conditioning function you see the lights glimmer, hear the breaker trip or a fuse puff, then you may need to get the wiring checked for faulty connections.
  • If you have grown tired of having window units or if your window unit needs replacing, then consider giving us a call to install central air conditioning. Having central air conditioning will reduce the cost of electricity while cooling many rooms, requires low maintenance and even to your home’s resale value, along with saving space that can be used for other appliances.
  • Our team will inspect your HVAC wiring system to find the source of your issue or determine whether the appliance needs repairs or an upgrade, they will find the right solution to fix your circuit wiring. 

Our service extends to air conditioners, heat pumps and furnaces that will guard your electrical system against overloaded circuits while taking into account the needs and wants of the client. 

Network One electricians know you deserve the most comfort, which is why they will correctly design an HVAC system and install it in a way that the effects and use of infrastructure can be optimized.

Why you should trust our service

We at Network One want to give you the service necessary to keep your comfort and productivity at maximum level. We have a team of certified and skilled electricians that are capable of installing any large appliance, making sure to correctly manage wiring, breaker switches and outlets.

Our service is one of the best available in the Tri-State area, and our staff is ready to attend to your needs while taking the security of your home as top priority. Do not risk your safety or the components of the electrical system in your home by hiring unlicensed labor, trust Network One to install your HVAC wiring for the best results. 

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