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Older buildings are prone to need extensive repairs. This is because the wiring, the entirety of the electrical systems and many structures that make up the house or commercial building are outdated or damaged.

It is important that if your house or building is quite old and has not been remodeled, you perform an inspection of the circuits and electrical components in the structure to prevent fires, damage caused to your appliance or even injuries to your family and person. 

We at Network One have a team of experts in the electrical field that can detect any code violations, irregularities and faults in the system, resolving them in an efficient, quick and safe manner. Our staff has over twenty years of experience in residential, industrial and commercial areas to solve any issues presented in your building.

Differences between remodeling and renovation

Remodeling and renovating might seem like similar words at first sight, like the same process, however, it couldn’t be further from the truth. 

These words have very specific meanings in the contracting, real estate and interior design fields, serving to distinguish services provided and describe the state of a house or building up for sale or renting.

When we are talking about renovations we refer to the ‘revival’, so to speak, of the current structure. The building is restored to the condition it was in when it was first built, as if made anew while retaining the main characteristics of the initial structure. It could also mean to repair structures in the building.

On the other hand, the word remodel is more akin to the word remake and refers to the alteration of the initial structure of the home or building. It will include a change in the use of space, which may involve restructuring the layout of a room.

It also improves the functionality of the area being remodeled to suit your needs and wants, as it often happens when changing your closed off kitchen into an open concept one, making the room more attractive and welcoming.

Benefits of Electrical Remodeling for your home

Whether your family or work team has outgrown the space of the building you’re living in or using, or if your appliances and inner workings of your home are failing, remodeling might be the way to go for you.

Here are some benefits of moving forward with electrical remodeling your home:

  • You do not need to move. Moving homes can be not only costly, but not what you want, not to mention that the process of finding the right home or space for you can take many months and you might have to make compromises when choosing the right one for you. However, if you remodel your current building, then you can improve the condition of the home, change the entire structure and improve on aspects of it to get your dream home.
  • If you have already decided that you want to move, or even if you have not, it is a good idea to remodel. Remodeling can add a lot to the building’s resale value. Changing the structure of the kitchen, adding in new rooms, expanding others or upgrading other aspects of your home can significantly increase the value of the home in question.
  • You will be improving the appearance of your building, alongside increasing the effectiveness of your electrical system and reducing the chances of faults in the wiring, electrical fires and damaged appliances.
  • Do not adjust yourself to the limitations of your home, adjust your home so it suits the needs of your family and the space that you require. It doesn’t matter whether you need a bathroom remodel or a laundry room, you can make it a reality.

Our team of specialists in electricity can help you upgrade, install and repair all components of the electrical systems, be they electrical panels, generators, HVAC systems, appliances or even the installation of new light fixtures.

Dangers of electrical remodeling your home

Electrical remodeling a home, though it has many advantages and benefits, is a risky endeavor. 

If you have purchased an old home that you wish to remodel, or have been living in an old home for quite a while and want a change, it is important that you take into accounts the dangers and hazards that exist when remodeling and why you should only hire professionals to renovate your building.

Notorious hazards that contractors could be encountering are lead, asbestos, radon and Volatile Organic Compounds. Mold and mildew are also another problem found when breaking walls during demolitions, these release dangerous particles that fill the air and could be breathed in by you.

Remodeling requires a lot of planning, labor and knowledge to achieve the desired results. Your contracting company must be one that inspires trust in you and understands your vision of the future of your home.

In regards to how the electricity in your remodeled home or commercial building will work, you can trust us at Network One to take care of it. Our staff will update, upgrade and install all the necessary equipment and appliances in a safe and quick manner.

They will offer you a plan of action that will optimize safety, efficiency and cost saving by incorporating new technology and LED lighting fixtures. They are also able to work together with your team of contractors.

Our Electrical Remodeling Services

Network One’s main priority is always to meet the needs and requirements of the client while upholding current codes and ensuring the safety of the working team and your family or employees.

Our licensed electricians will make sure that all the wiring, electrical panels, lighting, and all electrical components meet safety regulations. They will inspect every one of these systems and the subsystems involved to determine which areas need repairs, which ones need replacing and which areas require a new technology to improve it.

Why hire our staff to help with your electrical remodeling

As we have established, remodeling is not something you should be doing on your own, especially if you do not have any technical knowledge of construction work or electrical systems. It is a dangerous task, in which workers are exposed to hazards and must use their keen eyes to detect faults, dangers and react accordingly.

It is also necessary for the team working in the remodel efforts to be up to date on the latest changes to local codes and standards, otherwise an inspection may discover some violation and you might be fined.

We at Network One offer you our remodeling service in the electrical area fully insured. We know we are the best in the Tri-States and can bring your vision to life in the most faithful and safest way possible.Electrical 

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