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Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair


A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that is automatically operated. It is designed to offer protection to an electrical circuit so that it won’t be damaged by sudden disruptions in the electricity flow.

It is one of the most important pieces of electrical equipment in a home because of its ability to stop the flow of a current whenever a short circuit or an overload happens. This way it can prevent damage to the electrical circuit, appliances, electronics and even the building it operates on.

If an overload were to happen and the circuit breaker were not working properly, the heat produced by it could cause sparks, burns, electrocution or fires.

By hiring our team of experts, you will be provided with the electrical repair help you need, all without there being a risk of damage to the circuit itself or the electrical system.

Our Circuit Breaker Installation and Repair Services

If you have been looking to incorporate a new circuit breaker to your home or simply replace it, be it because it is outdated or perhaps because you need more power for a house expansion, you can count on our team to help you out.

With over 20 years of experience, our electricians will guarantee that the results are long lasting and make for a secure and quick installation.

Trust our team to help you out, they will be providing you with the following services:

  • Replace Electrical Panel
  • Installation of Circuit Breaker Box Installation
  • Installation of Electrical Panel
  • Installation of Fuse Box
  • Repair Circuit Breaker 
  • Fuse Box Expansion service

We will, alongside you, assess your power needs, the layout of your home and your goals to arrive at the most efficient plan of action for you. We will help you determine which options are the most viable for what you want and what areas of your electrical system require work before proceeding with the project.

Our circuit breaker installation process

We at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp want to offer you a transparent, optimal service that will require little maintenance and last for a long time, so you are not forced to constantly seek electricians to repair your equipment.

To achieve that, we give you a glimpse of what the process of installing a circuit breaker is like. 

  • First, we begin by making sure that the wiring for a new circuit meets current electrical codes.
  • Then, we start mapping out where each plug, switch, fixture and machine will be added to the circuit. This way we can keep organized and make sure all is functioning correctly.
  • We make an analysis of the circuit breaker to determine whether it can hold the new load, while also making sure that it can fit your on hand breaker panel.
  • If we determine that the existing breaker system can handle the extra demand for power, then we deem the use of a new breaker system unnecessary, saving resources and the time needed to finish the job.
  • Finally, once all the preparations have been completed, we proceed to perform our task in the most safe, quick and effective way possible.

Our team of  experienced electricians will be able to provide the most efficient repair service for the circuit breakers found at your home. 

Their extensive knowledge and years of experience allows them to perform their job with little risk, proving useful when dealing with circuit breakers that have been damaged by time, water, power spikes or overloaded circuits.

No longer will you need to resort to tutorials online to try and fix the problem yourself, putting yourself and your family at risk. Let our staff help you find a solution.

What are the advantages of upgrading my circuit breaker?

Like we mentioned before, a circuit breaker is the mechanism preventing excessive amounts of energy (be it the demand for more energy or the sudden release of too much energy) to damage your appliances or even create a fire.

Having said that, let’s go into a bit more detail of why you should make sure to keep your circuit breaker in top condition.

  • Protects your devices from power surges

After a blackout, it’s common for the electricity to come back with a bit too much force. If your house is unprotected, this could lead the electronic devices in your house connected to sources of power to get damaged.

Since a circuit breaker disrupts the flow of electricity, it can stop that power surge from reaching your appliances, thus preventing any damage or potential loss.

  • Prevents data loss when unexpected power outages occur

Unfortunately, it is impossible to predict when a power outage will occur. It will take us by surprise, and if we happened to have been working on something on our desktop computers. The data is now lost.

However, what you can do is schedule inspection of your electrical systems often so that the power outage can be prevented.

  • More reliable Internet connection

By having a stable and constant source of power for your internet equipment to work through, you will be guaranteeing that your internet connection can be counted upon to work better than ever before.

  • No risk of electrical fires from overload

Though electrical circuits are immensely useful, the handling of the components that make up the system is extremely delicate and so are they when exposed to the high temperatures and overload can cause.

Faults in the electrical circuit can cause sparks, electrocution or even produce large fires that might consume your entire home. Electricity is convenient, but it must not be forgotten that it must be handled and the equipment maintained to keep the users safe.

Why hire our circuit breaker installation and repair services?

We are a team of insured, licensed and reliable technicians with over twenty years of experience in the field of electricity installations and repairs. We offer 24/7 services to our clients and the opportunity to consult prices for the commodity of our potential buyers.

If you are looking to renovate or expand your home or building, you will definitely need a team of talented experts to install a new circuit breaker from which to manage the electrical currents sent to the devices inside the premises.

We at Network One know the importance of such a mechanism and that the reckless handling of such a system could cause serious damage, which is why we want to help you with your project. Let us make your project a reality, in the best way possible.

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