Computer & Network Wiring Services in New York City & Westchester County

In this day and age, little is accomplished without the need of a computer. Many businesses depend on this technology to perform their tasks, to run their operations and communicate easily with other departments.

You might be thinking about expanding your commercial building to fit in more personnel, or perhaps you are downsizing and reducing costs, changing the location of your operations, or considering upgrading or performing maintenance on the already existing wiring. 

Regardless, you are going to be needing a group of skilled technicians to handle the wiring and cabling of the computer network systems in the building. This process is critical because you need your network system to be fully functional for your operations to run smoothly.

That is where Network One comes in.

Our staff is the most qualified in the Tri-States area. Our team is licensed, certified and has an extensive grasp of the services you require to keep delays in your operations minimal. 

Whether you are managing an enterprise, a business, schools, churches or any other kind of industry looking for high quality, long lasting work at the best prices, then give us a call and let us help you improve your productivity and work environment.

Why you need a professional to perform computer wiring services

Since almost everyone uses computers, there is the misconception that handling computer wiring should and can be done by the individual making the purchase, however, this labor is complex and delicate and requires a certified, experienced technician to be performed correctly.

It does not matter whether you are looking to implement computer wiring in your family home or in your business, you need a team of experts to guide you through the process. They will know the regulations, be aware of potential risks and how to handle eventualities and adapt to them.

There is no way for you to be completely certain that the materials being used are legitimate and meant to be used in the process unless you are a professional technician knowledgeable in this field. 

Our staff will take care of the installation, they will protect the wiring with surge protection equipment and integrate different components of your home into the system. They work swiftly and will make sure that your system is up and running, completely operational before they leave.

Do not try to deal with computer wiring yourself if you have not been trained for it. Trust our team to take care of it, handling such components is dangerous and they already know how to avoid causing damage to appliances, the building or themselves.

Our Computer Wiring Services

We have a computer network cabling team and engineers ready to assist you with your project. They have experience in the cabling and network installation fields and will be able to provide a service that will last you for years.

Cabling services and installer capabilities:

  • A free on-site consultation. Our team will visit the location in question, perform an inspection and give you an estimate of the network cabling and a fixed price for performing the service.
  • The installation of category 5e, 6, 7 and fiber optic network cabling following all regulations and ensuring that you have a steady connection.
  • Network Cabling and installation of voice systems, such as telephone line installations.
  • The installation of wireless networks, for optimal comfort in the performance of your tasks.
  • Project management and consulting.
  • The installation and design of data centers. These are departments in a business in which the back-end IT systems and data stores are kept, this includes mainframes, servers and databases. Al while ensuring energy efficiency and ongoing cost consciousness.
  • Structured cabling certification.
  • Troubleshooting emergency network cabling to provide extra security.
  • The maintenance of networks and systems
  • Sanitation and cleaning of the CPD (data processing center) wiring. This is a delicate process that must be performed with the right tools, which is why it is important that you hire a licensed technician to perform it.
  • Elimination of abandoned cables to improve performance and reduce space used.
  • Network Electronics coming from the main brands in the computer market, providing you with modern, efficient technology trends
  • Installation of server cabins (racks) and links with cabling and communications cabins (racks)
  • Cabling cabins
  • Supply of network equipment and electronics by our team of experts in the field.
  • Installation and supply of cable trays and rack trays.
  • Cable management systems.

Other services:

Alongside the services already mentioned, our electricians and technicians are licensed and certified to perform the following services with utmost effectiveness.

  • The installation of a new network
  • The configuration of a hotspot system
  • Inspection and replacement of cable
  • Cat5e or Cat6 cable drops
  • The clean up of network closets, which require meticulous work and an eye for detail.
  • The rewiring and clean-up of networks
  • Installation of telephone cabling services
  • VoIP installation and cabling. A VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is a technology that permits you to do voice calls through the internet.
  • Network Troubleshooting to test speed and stability.
  • Jack and terminal replacement
  • Phone changeovers
  • Cable pulls and drops
  • Consolidate business wiring
  • Network ID and cable tracing
  • Business WiFi securing
  • Network Additions
  • Coax and TV wiring
  • Network Upgrades to Gigabyte
  • Consolidate Home Wiring
  • Data Center Installation

Why you should hire us for your computer wiring needs

Network One offers IT services that will make sure that you and your employees can carry on with your operations without any hiccups, resulting in a system that is not only accessible but dependable.

Our team will provide you specialized IT administration and maintenance, following your specifications and network goals and needs. The priority of our technicians will always be to increase the maximum productivity and minimize downtime so that your computers and network will work with you and not against you.

We also offer you data, voice and fiber cabling services that will speed up your connection and make it more reliable. Our technicians are specialized in infrastructure design and installation to get your projects to the next level of high technology.

By hiring us you will receive the best technicians to inspect, install and improve your computer wiring, solving issues quickly, with remote or on site computer support.

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