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The importance of wiring in your home is on par with the importance of a refrigerator, in fact, greater, since without it it cannot even function. The wiring is responsible for having light and internet in your home, without it it would simply be an empty structure that may or may not even have water. Therefore, it is extremely important when moving to a new place to have at hand the number of a professional who can give you the right advice and above all the necessary services, as Network One Electrical Contracting Corp. can do.

The concept of structured cabling is basic, it is derived from the laying of cables in the internal part of the structure of your business or home, no matter which of the two is the only difference tends to be the thickness of the cables or operation, as the procedure tends to be the same. The fundamental thing here is that both the electricity and the signal pass correctly through the walls to the objects you need to use. 

In this article we will give you a brief overview of how these cables are used, what the procedure is like, and how important it is to have experienced electricians behind all this work. So, stay with us and soak your brain with valuable knowledge for your day to day life.

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Comprehensive electrical wiring services with Network One Electrical Contracting Corp.

Network One Electrical Contracting Corp. offers an electrical or energy structured wiring service superior to what one is used to seeing, since from the first moment you meet our workers you will notice that they will be analyzing your home or business from top to bottom to give you the necessary data that will guarantee a correct and long lasting performance of the work they will do.

We have worked hard to develop products and services of electricians that meet the needs of our customers and can feel heard, so we have in all types of service the option of consulting to make you feel confident with what is happening and you can understand step by step what they will do, explained in an easy to understand even for those who have no prior knowledge in the area of electricity.

In case of industries, in our company we have a great variety of special offers and services since we know that it requires much more effort and probably higher quality wiring or extension because it is a work environment. The industrial area is something very important for us to take care of and being something so delicate we will guide you step by step in the process so you don’t feel far away from what is happening in your business.

It is worth noting that among our services is implicit green electricity, this means that we will make the installation of wiring as environmentally friendly as possible without affecting its operation, so you can save energy, help the environment and comply with the latest laws. 

Advantages of professionally installed wiring

The basic function of the wiring in your home is to provide security and efficient electricity, and in the case of a signal, to avoid fluctuations in service. Hiring just anyone for something so important could result in not only small failures, but in a major misfortune such as a power outage of the system causing an overheating of some equipment and ending in a fire. 

If you choose to hire a professional for this type of work you have the benefit of a: 

  • Centralized Administration 
  • High performance
  • Security
  • Long life span
  • Scalability
  • Ease of maintenance
  • Cost reduction

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Elements of an Electrical Wiring System

It is essential that all the electrical wiring of a structure is inside it, and that the only way to see them is through a board, so if you have to replace a wiring or even make a new one is basic the fact of breaking the wall or the area where the cable is, because the only thing that should protrude is the octagon of the bulb, the socket and switches.

Electrical wiring installations require a skilled hand, the right tools and an understanding of basic safety measures. Usually the experts at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp. tend to evaluate and address this specifically:

Have in a blueprint the whole shape or structure of the property where it will be placed in order to better plan the installation, calculate the materials so as not to exceed in quantity and give a more detailed explanation to the owner. 

Make the separation of important materials such as phase, neutral and ground wires and have them identified at the time of installation. After this, proceed to get the permits indicated for the area.

Identify the distribution board and the terminals to begin the entry of the phase, neutral and ground cable in the thermomagnetic circuit breakers that are in charge of each circuit to work in a correct way.

In the thermomagnetic circuit breaker, enter the phase cable on the left and the neutral on the right. For safety reasons, both are connected from the top and exit from the bottom. After this, check that each thermomagnetic is in its place and next to a differential switch, with its individual rail well marked to avoid a short with other cables.

Then, the cables must be taken to the respective socket through the established circuits. In addition, it is necessary to verify that they are in good condition and that the terminal is correctly inserted where it should be.

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Things not to do during wiring installation 

This part is indicated so that you can check the result of the electricians’ work yourself, and that you can complain if any of these are fulfilled or not fulfilled:

  • Communication cables cannot be laid together with power cables, it can create a short. And the curvature of the cable must be respected, it must not extend more than 4 times its diameter or it will impair the operation.
  • Do not use staples, ties with rubber bands or any method that presses the cable too much and unconsciously joins it to the other cables, usually it should be pressed with Velcro or materials
  • Cables should not be exposed, they should be far away from any electrical appliance and well protected inside the wall or insulating system, as they are high risk.
  • Be careful not to stretch or pull the cables with a force that exceeds their capacity.
  • It is recommended to label the cable according to the service or equipment it is connected to.
  • Keep a documentation of cables, available and used ports for better control and future growth.


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