Uninterrupted Power: The Role of Backup Generators

Professional back-up electrical generator in New York

Nowadays electricity is something basic, on which we depend practically 70% to do our daily work, so power outages tend to be quite annoying no matter where they originate, whether it’s your home or your company. But what if we told you that there is a way to avoid them? So that you can still have power even when your power plant is not working for you. Indeed, there is a way, and it is through backup generators. These important little machines are made to provide backup power to the most important parts of your home during power outages of any kind. It sounds great, it’s great, and it’s a basic system that you can get whatever your status. 

With today’s article we seek to show you this new possibility to improve your life, and among that to show you how they work and what are the benefits beyond those already mentioned. So, today take the seconds to be here and get informed, you may come away with valuable new knowledge and a backup power source on your urgent shopping list. 

Professional electrician in New York assessing electrical generator

Power your life with electric generators

The simple theoretical basis of electrical generators is as follows: They are devices made to convert and generate mechanical energy to electrical energy. Its operation is based on the combustion of fuels such as gasoline, diesel, or natural gas, through it allows us to pass electrical energy to our house.

It should be noted that these systems are not made to be long term, but they can supply energy for several hours. They are based on being an emergency supply, when our central electricity grid cannot supply it. 

How do electrical generators work?

Going to a more technical part, we will explain step by step what are the systems inside an emergency power generator and what is the function of each one, because even if we are not technicians, it is important to have information about the things we buy and use. Without further ado, here we go:


Everything mechanical needs an engine, a central base in order to function properly. In this case the engine of electric generators is based on internal combustion, as well as car engines that are based on gasoline or diesel. Although some particular models can even run through steam.


Each of the systems within an electric generator have a fundamental function that makes them indispensable, in this case, the alternator is in charge of converting mechanical energy, that is, everything that happens inside the electric generator, into electrical energy. Physically we can summarize it as a coil of wire wound around an iron base, which when starting a rotating movement creates electric current. 

Control system: 

As its name says, it is basically in charge of supervising and making sure that everything works well inside the electricity generator. It is usually composed of switches, voltage regulators and medium current, so it has several zones within the whole operation and is connected to everything.

It is also the main responsible for the ignition of the device, thanks to this the engine starts running, being the booster of the mechanical energy necessary for the alternator to make the energy conversion. 

professional electrical generator in New York

Benefits of electric generators

The electric generators have a great number of advantages for our day to day, which make it a perfect solution for when we urgently need electricity without the possibility of obtaining it in a normal way. Some of the benefits they have are:

Continuous power supply: 

Emergency power generators are made to constantly supply power to our downed electrical system, but how long does it last? It can even last 24 hours or much longer, this is critical in situations that really require the use of electricity, such as a natural disaster. 

Independence from the electrical grid: 

If you have your own electric generator, what do you have to worry about? You won’t have to depend on anyone else in case of an emergency and its use is quite simple, anyone can install it in your home if they are taught.

Versatility of use: 

Not just to be thought of in a catastrophe, electric generators can also be used in non-emergency situations, such as outdoor activities that require electricity but are not easy to use due to their location. 

Protection of equipment and devices: 

If the electricity has really been fluctuating and you’re afraid it could directly damage your appliances as it stabilizes, but you can’t stop using them, then the power generator can help you stay plugged in without having to be afraid of definite damage. 

Professional electrician in New York assessing electrical generators

How to choose the right power generator

If you have to choose an electric generator, see to it that it suits your needs. And if you don’t know how to consider that, here’s a little guide: 

Power requirement: 

You can ask a professional like those at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp to help you calculate the necessary power that your power generator will need to be able to power all the devices in your home that you consider essential for the development of your day, such as your refrigerator.

Fuel type: 

As we mentioned at the beginning, usually generators tend to run on different types of fuel, whether gasoline, diesel, or even steam. You should consider which one is more readily available or which one you prefer to run. 

Fuel tank capacity: 

The capacity of the fuel tank will determine how long you will have emergency power available, as once it runs out you will clearly need to refuel. Clearly the larger the quantity, the higher the cost, but it is up to you to determine your chances of running out of power and in any case how long you could go without it.

Noise level: 

We’re not going to lie to you, most of these devices make a lot of noise during operation, but it is tolerable. However, if you are a sensitive person, try to look for one that is quiet. It may be more expensive, but it will be worth it. 

Frequently asked questions about electric generators

Still having doubts is normal, considering such an important purchase is essential to make a good decision, and therefore, today we come to make a small FAQ that come to us at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp as advisors for any type of electrical issue.

Are electric generators safe?

That’s right, in fact, they are one of the safest purchases you can make. And they also allow you to secure your other objects, so don’t worry, buying an electric generator is a guarantee of safety. The only thing you should be careful about is never to turn it on indoors as the combustion can be a bit toxic. 

Do I need special permits to install an electric generator in my home?

Permits are usually not required, but it also depends a lot on your geographic location, anyway you can contact us for advice depending on your state. 

What is the maintenance required for an electric generator?

The maintenance of an electric generator is usually summarized in oil changes and filter cleaning, but it is important that you first consult with an electrician to guide you the first time so you don’t have to improvise. It is also important that several times a year you hire a deep maintenance service to detect failures or avoid them.

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