The Advantages of Energy Audits for Homes and Businesses in NY

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Just as your car, your refrigerator or your swimming pool needs maintenance, so does your electrical system. Whether it’s your home or business, electrical maintenance is essential to ensure safety, proper operation and long life to avoid unexpected expenses due to preventable accidents. 

We know that for both homeowners and business owners, this may sound tedious to do and even more so if there doesn’t seem to be any obvious faults involved, but even so, we must consider that we are not experts in the area and that something may be going on under our noses without necessarily noticing it since all the wiring is inside our walls. 

If this causes you concern but you are still not sure about investing in an energy audit, stay with us, we will tell you why homeowners and business owners should consider an inspection beyond the daily use, and that encompasses all this work that will start from the first moment you decide to hire a professional. Are you ready? we start now. 

Professional electrician in New York performing electrical maintenance

What is electrical maintenance work?

We talk a lot about electrical maintenance, but we don’t think about what these words really mean beyond just a phrase. As a property owner, prioritizing electrical maintenance gives you great benefits that we can easily list below: 

Ensuring safety and regulatory compliance: 

The professional who will perform the electrical maintenance in your home or business will have as a basis to ensure your comprehensive safety and that of your property, this will make a general assessment of the entire electrical structure and let you know what are the potential hazards, such as an old wire, loose connection or obsolete materials, and what you can do to change it. Or in the best case scenario, no change will be necessary and you will be assured that all is well. 

Preserve the longevity of your electrical system:

No one would like to wake up one morning not knowing why their home’s electrical system is no longer serviceable, and have to improvise out of thin air when you easily could have avoided the problem with electrical maintenance scheduling. If everything goes correctly, in the long run you won’t have any unexpected accidents.

Improving energy efficiency: 

Electricity is expensive, we all know that, and we anticipate that you may be overspending if you have not done a proper checkup for a long time. This can be fatal for any start-up company that did not make a proper check of its energy structure before starting work, or for a home with a lot of energy expenditure naturally. And this not only applies to the entire electrical system base, but also with the appliances that compose it, not doing maintenance to your air conditioner, refrigerator or even coffee maker can make it demand much more than it should and therefore, you end up paying more at the end of the month. 

Electrical maintenance services in New York City and Westchester County

Reduce the risk of electrical failures:

Sometimes we do not take seriously the seriousness of an electrical failure, imagine this situation: You walk into your home, and realize that your kitchen is on fire because the microwave shorted out since you ignored that burnt wire smell coming from the kitchen two weeks ago. Predictive maintenance can help you catch those early signs of deterioration in home appliances and fix them quickly before a catastrophe happens.

Surge protection:

Probably if you have not done an evaluation of your electrical system in the past, it is common that you do not have at your disposal a correct protection against surges that can have your electrical system, not necessarily by a failure of your electrical structure, but by the electrical load coming from the light poles or the light supplier. Similar to blackouts, we cannot have control over them, and therefore it is extremely important to have how to protect ourselves from them and that can only be achieved with the advice of a professional.  

Exterior electrical maintenance: 

The outside of your home is also super important to evaluate, whether simple components such as lamps, sockets or irrigation systems, these are also part of the electrical parking and can bring problems. Has it not happened to you that one of your lamps illuminates better than the other when it is night? It could be that the electrical system is not doing its job 100%, which is why regular maintenance is so important.


Beyond the general savings in light that we’ve already talked about in the past points, we should also touch on how important it is to save by keeping things from getting damaged. Occasional preventive maintenance in both businesses and homes can prevent things from being damaged faster, since the constant overloads or little energy load directed to these objects can cause its center to collapse and burn, leaving us clearly in a stressful situation where there is no choice but to buy another one. 

Repairs, damage to installations, homes, etc. are costs that we can save in time with proper overhauls. A maintenance program extends the life of our equipment, gives better performance, in addition to reducing energy consumption.

Professional electrical company in New York City and Westchester County

Importance of having professionals within reach of a phone call

Improvising to do electrical maintenance to our electrical system can be even more dangerous than not doing electrical maintenance at all. Both physically and legally dangerous, since current legislation prohibits licensed persons from performing this type of work.

Fortunately, companies like Network One Electrical Contracting Corp. are available in the market to advise, install correctly and serve the population on everything that has to do with electricity, leaving an important mark in the area of electrical companies. 

If you try to hire a professional company for this type of work, make sure they give you a written guarantee, the possibility of long term financing, follow up on your case and above all a good personal treatment that makes you feel heard and that they really put effort into your case.

If you have made significant changes to your electrical system illegally or the hand that did it was unreliable, try to hire another company that can give you assurance that the work was done properly. The most common signs that this is not the case are based on experiencing overloads or low power loads, and even small power surges from your appliances. Don’t wait any longer and without shame, always seek the hand of a professional.

Network One Electrical Contracting Corp as a reliable company  

Safety is important and only specific personnel can meet the needs of keeping the community or company’s electrical service up and running for as long as possible. Unfortunately for many communities, there are a variety of companies on the market that do not meet the ideal guidelines to present this type of work, so the choice has become increasingly complicated.

Network One Electrical Contracting Corp will not bring you these problems, it is an electrical service company that keeps its regulations based on the laws of the state and has the reputation of being one of the best in the whole area. Don’t be afraid, request a quote today and rest assured that everything in your home is going the way it should be.

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