Electrical Panels

Electrical panels (also called supply boards, panel boards or breaker panels) are metal boxes with a door, normally adhered to a wall in a part of your home or building that is out of the way. It breaks off an electrical power feed into supplementary circuits while providing you with a circuit breaker or fuse for each circuit.

Inside your electrical panel you will find a series of switches that control the current flow reaching different areas of your home or commercial building, meaning that they can be toggled on and off. 

It is also important to mention that whenever there’s too much electrical current flowing through it, they shut off to protect the electrical system and connected appliances.

If you notice lights flickering or appliances turning on and off, it’s very likely that it was caused by a tripped breaker. Circuit breakers keep the switches secure by shutting down the power.

This function is why it is so important that you have your electrical panel checked by a professional. We at Network One can help you set up a new supply board, repair your current one, and our team of experts is ready to help you.

Why you should upgrade your electrical panel

As we mentioned before, the electrical panel is the component of the electrical system in charge of controlling current flow, protecting connected appliances from excessive energy and it is also the place where control elements are located.

This makes it one of the most important components in the electrical system, since it provides security to the building and the people using it, in case of a malfunction or overload. 

However, why should you upgrade your electrical panel?

Well, first of all, if your electrical panel was installed before the year 2002 it is no longer certified, nor is it as functional as the newer ones. This lack of certification also means that there are many versions of it and they are all different, some having only one switch that works as a general switch to turn off and on everything.

On the other hand, if your electrical panel was installed starting from the year 2002 then it is certified and will have switches grouped in at least three blocks.

Why are electrical panels important?

Electrical panels are the place where all the switches capable of automatically or manually cutting the flow of electricity are located, thus the state of this component is extremely important.

If there were to be a breakdown, short circuit or overload in the power lines, the electrical panel would be of great help to you, keeping you and your family safe. This component helts detect the problem that has caused the malfunction while also offering you protection from the after effects of it.

How does an electrical panel work?

Like we mentioned before, the electrical panel works by automatically or manually toggling the power on and off, effectively cutting the power to the areas said switches are connected to. In case of a power outage, for example, toggling of the switches before the power comes back on would help prevent an electrical overload from damaging appliances.

The ICP, or power control switch, is the first one inside the electrical panel and is in charge of cutting off the electrical supply when the demand for power in your home or building is higher than the one currently available to you.

Sometimes, the ICP is separated from the switches or even integrated into the panel itself.

Our services

Our electricians are certified, licensed and have more than twenty years of experience in all sectors of the electrical field, offering punctuality and efficiency in the repairing, maintenance, replacement or installation of your electrical panel.

  • Installation

Our team performs installation services with utmost care, making sure that all components are working perfectly and will last doing so a long time. 

If your house or commercial building was built before 1950, it is very likely that you have a fuse box. If that is the case and you have not had it replaced, then it is best that you hire our services to do so.

We can replace your old, outdated fuse box with a brand new, up to code and modern circuit breaker panel. It may seem like an unnecessary cost, but in truth, upgrading your fuse box with a newer alternative will end up saving you time and money, since the technology has improved to the point where it will require less maintenance and is less prone to malfunction.

New circuit breakers offer your home or office a secure and safe way to keep appliances from being damaged from a sudden surge in power, along with adding in new breaker slots for home growth.

  • Replacement

Sometimes repairing the circuit breaker is not possible, perhaps it is too outdated to be cost effective to keep, or maybe it is too damaged. In that case, our team of electricians can help with the replacement of the circuit breaker with a brand new one.

One of the principal reasons why circuit breakers may be deemed to need replacement is a burning smell, excessive heat, over 10 years of use and changes in technology or local regulations. If your house has suffered water damage or flooding, it may also cause the circuit breaker to fail.

For this service, let our team of experts help you with this task. Such an endeavor requires care to not disturb other components of the electrical system, nor cause an electrical fire, which is why you should always trust professionals.

  • Repair

In case that the malfunctions or irregularities are discovered to be repairable, our team can also help you with that issue. A skilled electrician will be able to inspect and detect faults in the electrical system and offer you professional advice on how to proceed.

If our staff discovers that there is a malfunction, broken or damaged component in your electrical panel they will be able to correct the issue quickly and without issue. 

  • Maintenance

Maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent possible malfunctions that may damage your appliances or power outages, it will also permit technicians to discover faults in the system before they cause any damage to your home or electrical system.

This process should be performed in each circuit breaker panel in your building. 

We at Network One offer you maintenance packages to keep your electrical systems working smoothly all year round. Our team will inspect, clean and repair each circuit to ensure you are protected from any chances of an electrical fire breaking out, or a power surge damaging the appliances in your home.

 Why you should hire us

Network One prides itself on being the most capable and the best electrical service provider in the Tri-State area. With our team of licensed electricians experienced in residential, industrial and commercial fields, we offer affordable prices and great service all in one package.

We also offer free on site consultations and 24/7 service to take care of all electrical emergencies you might be experiencing. 

Our team is known for being punctual, responsible and incredibly professional, working fast and efficiently to solve your issues, perform maintenance and repairs, and complete installation in record time. We always prioritize your safety and customer satisfaction, bringing you the best service in the market.

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