Commercial Electrical Panel Upgrades

Electricity is often taken for granted, but for a business a fault in the wiring or electrical panels found within its walls can mean that important data relative to their operations is lost when power goes out, and that their equipment is vulnerable to extensive damage. 

In the end, a lack of maintenance and electrical inspections can lead a commerce to close for good or to it having to invest a lot of money into repairs that could have been avoided had the fault been found before.

We at Network One Electrical Contracting Corp want to help you get your business to the next level of energy upgrades and to do that we offer our commercial electrical panel upgrades.

What is a Commercial Electrical Service?

A commercial electrical service refers to the electrical services offered to business premises, in which wiring is fully accessible and guarded by conduits. It differentiates from services offered to residential in many ways:

  • In commercial buildings the wiring is kept in tube conduits to protect it from hazards. It is also easy to access for technicians, since businesses often have it checked and changed. On the other hand residential areas have wiring encased in plastic sheathing.
  • Residential areas tend to operate on a single phase power or two phase circuit, while commercial buildings tend to have a three phase design. This also means that commercial buildings require more insulation.

By hiring this service you will be guaranteed:

  • The upgrading of electric service for a higher demand

If your business is expanding, it is more than likely that you will be needing more power to sustain operations. Whether you are choosing to expand your premises, hire more employees or add more equipment, you are going to need to upgrade your electrical service to fit the higher demand.

Our staff of experienced technicians will help you find the right amount necessary for your business to continue to run smoothly and for it to continue to thrive.

  • Installation of Watt saver lighting systems

If you are looking to reduce energy costs in your commercial building then changing to a watt saver lighting system might be the best solution for you. Reduce the amount of power required to keep lights and other appliances functioning well.

By using controls like timers and dimmers, you will save electricity when it isn’t needed or in use. The timer will automatically turn certain lights off, while the dimmer lowers the brightness levels of lights, which will reduce the amount of watts necessary to power them.

Work with our team of experts to figure out the best alternatives to your current system, that not only will reduce your power bills, but will be most effective in the work environment.

  • Installation of ATS (Automatic Transfer Switches)

An automatic transfer switch will give you a reliable way to transfer essential load connections between main and alternate sources of power. This mechanism is great for businesses that require continuous or near continous energy.

The controller in charge of this system is constantly monitoring primary and alternate power sources. When a failure is detected, the ATS automatically switches the load circuit to the other power source, providing in this way continuous delivery of electrical power to multiple systems and equipment. 

Our team at Network One can guide you through the process and indicate which mode of operation, how many sources and which mechanism would better suit your needs. We guarantee that their expertise will lead to wonderful results for you and your project.

  • Working along with local utilities

Our team of experts have been working on troubleshooting, installation and repair of electrical systems for over 20 years. As such, they are more than well equipped to deal with not only the installation and repair of your commercial electrical panel, but with working along with local utilities.

Technicians will make sure to keep contact with your power provider to make sure that your upgrades and installations are up to code and will be functioning properly. 

  • Upgrade of electrical panels and distribution equipment

An electrical panel, or breaker panel, is a box often built into a wall. This panel is where all the breaker switches are located. They can be toggled on and off manually, or will automatically shut off when there’s too much electricity running through them.

This mechanism protects and prevents overloading causing your equipment to malfunction or be damaged, which is why it is important to keep it up to date and well maintained.

On the other hand, distribution equipment gets electricity from power station generators, transformers or converters into converter substations. 

All of these components make sure electricity is running smoothly into your premises so that you may continue your operations without hiccups or sudden power outages.

If you are in need of upgrading old electrical and distribution equipment, or if you have not had anyone inspect the electrical systems in your building for a while, give our team a call. They will be able to assess the state of the panels and equipment and make the necessary repairs.

  • Emergency Service Calls 24/7

Eventualities happen at times, and you may need a technician to look over your wiring, return power to your facility or prevent further damage to your equipment. When you are in need, Network One Electrical Contracting Corporation will be there to aid you.

We accept emergency service calls all days of the week, at any hour, so that we may offer you our best services whenever you need them.  If there are some faults in your electrical systems, don’t worry, call us and we will be there.

  • Fixture Replacement with LED’s

LED lighting has become exceedingly popular and with good reason. Using energy efficient lighting will allow you to make use of the same amount of light for less money than you normally pay.

LED stands for ‘Light emitting diodes’. It is a technology that is not only efficient but continuously being developed for better results, so much so that LED lights use up to 90% less energy and last 25 times longer than incandescent light bulbs. 

If your building has outdoor lighting, it can especially cause the power bill to rise, which is why it is best to switch to LED fixtures to reduce costs. They are available as flood lights and can withstand the rain and snow.

If you are looking to increase efficient light usage and reduce power bills, call our team of experts. They have over 20 years of experience in the electrical department and can help you work out the best layout for your fixture replacement.

  • Working along with your IT group for all their power needs

Your IT group is in charge of a lot of sensitive data, along with a large array of systems that are essential to the efficient operation of your company. Regardless of your specific field of commerce, it is important that your IT group is given the energy necessary to perform their tasks to the best of their capacity.

Our staff of experts is capable of offering that service to you. Alongside your IT team, they will be able to ascertain their power needs, correlate them with your budget and arrive at the best possible solution.

Once a plan of action has been established they will be able to start working on getting the necessary upgrades, repairs and installations done so you can see your productivity increase exponentially.

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