Code Violation Repairs

Often older houses bring with them a lot of older mechanisms, appliances and materials that have started to decay thanks to the passage of time or some that have simply been outdated by newer, better technology. This also applies to the wiring and electrical equipment in your house or building.

More often than not, homes and buildings that have not been renovated for a very long time have knobs and tubing wires in walls, ceilings and floors. 

This, added in to other code violations like materials that are no longer accepted as safe for construction, could turn into a hefty fine or closure of the structure if not fixed after receiving a notice from an inspector.

However, code violation repairs can be quickly made if you approach the right people for the job. 

We at Network One have over 20 years of experience in the field and will be able to offer you the best service at reasonable rates. By hiring our code violation repair service you will be getting a timely, efficient resolution of your issue, all so you are prepared for the follow up inspection.

What is a code violation?

A code violation, or a violation notice, is an official document that indicates to the parties involved that there are certain issues and discrepancies between the state of the home or building, and the code that regulates the area it is located in.

In this document a period of time is given to perform the required repairs or fixes so that the issue is no more. After this time has passed a re-inspection of the premises is performed to determine whether the corrections were made.

If the corrections are not made in time you could be fined, or you could lose your building altogether, which is why you should hire licensed professionals to help you sort these issues.

Before calling the electricians, make sure to follow these guidelines

  1. Make sure to have a checklist of all the code violations in your building, separate them into different categories based on the type of service required to solve the issue. This will permit you to keep a better handle on all the violations that need fixing and ensures that the contractors will not be getting in one another’s way.
  2. Familiarize yourself with the building codes that are applicable to your area. Though our team of expert electricians is well versed in code regulations, it is important that you can determine the extent of repair needed to solve each violation.
  3. If you feel like you find it difficult to grasp how to correct a code violation, contact a building code consultant or bring it up to the contractors. This way you will be up to speed on what needs to be done to start reducing the amount of code violations. 
  4. Determine whether you need a permit to begin the building repairs, since starting the process without one could lead to further issues.
  5. Contact licensed technicians to help you handle the repairs necessary for your building or home. Research companies in your area or reach out to our staff at Network One. We can help you approach your electricity issues with ease and efficiency.

Be mindful that major repairs, like those that involve wiring, plumbing or any other activity that may require going into the interior of the walls, will need to be done first. This way you guarantee that you will not have to spend more money to dismantle superficial repairs to fix interior ones.

Knob and tube wiring, one of the most common problems in old homes

Back in the late 1800s, knob and tube wiring used to be one of the most popular ways of providing electricity to homes. This style of electrical wiring brough to the inhabitants of the home the joy of electric lighting for the first time and, back then, it was the latest in technology.

This knob and tube wiring system is installed throughout the home, within walls and ceiling cavities. Each of the wires is encased in clay or a porcelain tube, going through beams and all sorts of inner structures of the house.

To adhere the cables to the walls, the technicians in charge of the project would use a ceramic knob. This ceramic knob was a bit like a sewing thread roll: the wire could be wrapped around, to then be driven into the wall for a secure installation.

Such a technique allowed the people installing the wiring to keep the wire separate from other components. This was extremely important, since otherwise the potential for a fire to start would be higher.

For the most part, homes built after 1940 have more modern electrical systems, however those that predate them have this old, outdated system instead.

Why is K&T wiring a violation and how to correct it

At the time knob and tube wiring was widely used and considered a great technological advancement, the time was the 1800s to late 1900s.As time has continued to move forward, so has technology.

Nowadays we have many methods and materials to supplant this archaic wiring system, methods that are safer, cost efficient and energy efficient. 

Knob and tube wiring is considered a very risky and dangerous way to install wiring in homes and buildings since the cabling isn’t grounded. 

This health hazard has made the practice become a code violation and start to die out. However, as was established, there are still houses that have not been renovated and thus still use this type of wiring installation, instead of the more modern, safer options.

If your house was built before 1960 and it has not undergone remodelations of any kind, we recommend you hire an experienced, licenced electrician to inspect the entirety of your home for potential faults in the electric system and code violations.

Some people try to solve these code violations on their own, and though there are plenty of tutorials online, handling electric systems is a dangerous, delicate matter and must be performed by a professional.

For your safety and the safety of those using the building in question, it is best that you contact our experts to efficiently solve the code violations.

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We at Network One offer various services in this category, among which are:

  • Power outage repairs
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  • Electrical repairs
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We have a team of licensed electricians, experienced in fields such as residential areas, commercial buildings, industrial and more. Your needs will be met with respect and the tasks performed in the time limit, making sure that the project in question is finished right on time.

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