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If you are moving into a new place and you are trying to make it look like a home, one of the basic things to do is to invest in good lighting in general. Light has a fundamental basis in every home, business, or establishment. Even in hospitals you have to have a certain type of lighting, so you should not underestimate the lighting in your home. 

Both natural and artificial light influence the concept of any kind of structure, it also contributes to the actions of the people inside the room and their interaction with each other, so, it is a great way to set up the place if you plan to make, for example, a living room for certain activity or that the kitchen tends to have such kind of vibe, but you can only do this if you understand how light behaves.

In case you want to know, today we will give you a pretty explanatory guide on the types of lighting in structures and moreover, how to use them to your advantage depending on what you are looking for. So, stay with us, it’s all here. 

How does light behave in different structures?

Usually any object will absorb or reflect light depending on its composition and the frequency of the waves, and by this we mean any object and surface, both the ceiling and the floor, so you have to know what colors and frequencies to play with to aesthetically influence our space.

These factors, along with the distribution of the sources, will define whether a room is bright and fresh, or dim and relaxed. Light has its own type of behavior, and analyzing it is an important part of decorating a place, you can even accentuate or disguise objects just by playing with the main light of the room and the chromatic composition of that object. 

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That is, the light has these functions:

Highlight or modify shapes: 

If you have tables or objects with very marked details, we recommend that you be careful because you could diminish their beauty or impact if you place areas of light that do not favor too much. Lighting can help you deter or settle different types of shapes. 

Orient and guide:

Would you rather people see your spectacular award room or your wine collection than the coffee table you use for coffee? Lighting can guide people entering your home to the areas you prefer them to see. 

Support an activity: 

This works great in living rooms where there are games and activities that need more focus, with lighting you can give much more emphasis to that particular activity.

It can be related to the activity of the place and contribute to the correct performance of certain actions. For example, in an operating room, the light must be focused on illuminating the operation. In a mall, on the other hand, there are multiple focal points.


Outdoors it can emphasize landmarks and make them visible from a great distance. It can also help with security by indicating important areas, exits and entrances.

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Lighting methods

As we already focused a lot on the part of its functions and basics, we will explain a little of the great diversity of lighting methods that you can use in your home and even in your business. 


It is the standard lighting that you will get in any space, you will see everything better horizontally, it can be a direct light that does not harm the eyes, it is diffused, and it eliminates mostly shadows and reflections.


It is useful for large spaces, as it tends to create an effect of amplitude and limits certain areas that perhaps you would not like to be frequented so much. In case of applying it not horizontally but vertically, it can be useful to give more clarity to the room. 


It tends to be focused on a specific space to enhance objects or points of the room, we can see it a lot in the use of LED lights or floor lamps.

Every year technology advances in exponential ways to new directions, nowadays there is a large catalog for the choice of lights and lamps, and in Network One Electrical Contracting Corp we are up to date to give you the necessary guidance you need throughout the process. 

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5 Tips to give better lighting to your space.

In order to generate a comfortable environment you have to apply the guidelines we have given you previously regarding the direction of the lights and so on, either with natural light or artificial light, but we know that it may not be enough to know the theory but not the practice, so we will give you little extra tips that will certainly help you to properly illuminate your space. 

Tip 1: Create Different Lighting Points In The Same Space

To have better lighting it is essential to link different angles so that the room does not look empty and also has a fancy touch. You can combine ceiling lamps with any other type of lamp or spotlight, as long as you follow the principles we have explained above.

Tip 2: Choose The Right Lamp Size

Don’t go overboard with the sizes and don’t be afraid to go for a sizable one either, the best thing to do is to sit down and think about what kind of decor and lighting you want in your room, and whether it corresponds to a maximalist look or not. If you need good lighting but feel it’s important not to add large lamps, you can embed small spotlights in the walls to complement the lighting needs you have. Or if you want a very relaxed, dimly lit environment, a few small lamps will be more than enough.

Tip 3: Create Small Settings

Do you have an open bookcase, a collection of mugs, a small sideboard with wine, or just an object that could be considered a mainstay of that room? Add discreet lamps that highlight that particular spot, as we mentioned, accent lighting is perfect for these options. 

Tip 4: Create Symmetry

Lamps will clearly be part of your decor, but think about this: put two identical lamps on two bedside tables in your bedroom so that everything looks symmetrical and perfect and the light distribution is the same throughout. How does it sound? Adding symmetry with light makes spaces look clean and balanced. 

Tip 5: Break the Rules

Rules are meant to be broken! And when you do it right, that’s when the magic of interior design happens!

This is not a tip anymore, it’s more of a reminder that you can do anything you want with your home and don’t limit yourself to just doing everything the basic way and exactly as we tell you to do it. Dare, play, do whatever you want as long as it looks good and meets your own expectations.

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