What Are The Benefits of Regular Electrical Rewiring?

In order to understand what are the advantages of a standard electrical rewiring, it is of utmost importance, first of all, to understand that it refers to a network consisting of cables, connectors, conduits, labels, spaces, and many other devices, whose purpose is to form a communication system that promotes the transfer of data and signals between transmitters and receivers, attending and adhering to certain standardized quality standards.

Thus, based on the above mentioned, structured electrical cabling seeks to establish a local system, highlighting its usefulness in the process of installing fiber optics.

However, is it really profitable to opt for this type of network? The following is a study where the main advantages and strengths that are obtained by opting for structured cabling are developed.

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Among its main advantages are the following: 

Easy maintenance: 

Being a consolidated structure that puts each of its elements in correct order and sequence, maintenance service providers commonly perform short and simple days of corroboration of the operation.

Higher performance: 

not only because it has a longer useful life due to its nature as a state-of-the-art technology, but also because this makes it have a substantially higher unfolding and performance than other alternatives.


Related to the aforementioned, being a technological innovation, these are properly adapted for safe home handling.

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Being a network designed for data transmission, it has a great influence on different factors of the telecommunication of the same, being a multipurpose system in this sense.

Increased speed: 

Its orderly and systematic nature allows it to make better use of the various devices to obtain superior performance in terms of data transmission.

Aesthetic harmony:

Unlike other alternatives or media, the simplicity and elegance of structured electrical cabling promotes clean and visually pleasing environments, being a network that suits the aesthetics of the environments.

Signal integration: 

promotes the unification of information transmission routes by integrating the various signals that can be possessed to a single network, facilitating the management of the same.

Possibility of expansion or relocation: 

one of the usual situations that usually occurs with other alternatives to structured cabling, is the difficult task of implementing amplifications in the network or moving or relocating the system, a process in which there is a risk of losing or corrupting the information that is within it, however, this option represents a much simpler and more agile work when making this type of readjustments.

Economic system: 

taking into account that it was previously mentioned that structured cabling does not imply excessive expenses in maintenance work, its installation represents an affordable monetary investment.

Easy system management:

Regardless of the status, situation or physical location of the user with respect to the network created through structured cabling, the configuration established for it will remain unchanged, ensuring easy management and use of the system.

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Importance Of Reviewing Electrical Installations

A mistake that is commonly made with regard to the care of the integrity of our homes, is to possess the superficial belief that makes reference to believe that the elements that guarantee the correct operation of the electrical service, are those that are at a glance and are reachable, among which stand out mainly: the plugs, the connectors for luminaire, the power strips or even the cabinet itself that serves as the main command to turn off, turn on or restrict power to certain areas of the home or specific appliances, without taking into account that what is really important with regard to the health of the electrical pathways in the residence are the elements that are not exposed to the eye.

The internal wiring system, together with its various regulators and electricity capacitors are the fundamental key that will ensure the proper functioning of this indispensable service, however, this is usually not checked and reinforced constantly, causing that a defective part can generate an unwanted spark, ending, in the worst case, in the spread of a fire. 

With respect to this subject, and to understand the magnitude of the importance of the diagnosis of the internal wiring of the home, it is necessary to bring to mention that the elements that are used today for the distribution of electricity, were established four decades ago according to an index of energy consumption per family, without taking into account that the constant technological development would provide us with more and more household appliances that would saturate this type of networks to a great extent, and that partially, thanks to the wear and tear of this system, incidents such as the one mentioned above could be created with assiduity.

Therefore, taking into account all the information provided so far, nowadays, it is not strange that the constant checking of the correct unwinding of the wiring has become an imperative need to ensure the integrity and safety of families, considering that these systems can threaten them.

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How often should we check the installations?

Having clarified the importance of the maintenance of these installations, it is relevant to add that, according to professionals in the area, the ideal period of time to review and check the electrical system of the place is after 10 years, in order to periodically determine the performance and stability of the system, with emphasis on the wiring, control panels, security measures and appliances particularly unstable due to their constant use.

Due to the great consistency with which there have been incidents related to the electrical system of homes and the large number of owners who have not performed the corresponding maintenance work, throughout the nation have mobilized campaigns that seek to raise awareness about how relevant, and in turn, vital, that this type of work is, considering that contemporary homes are equipped with electrical instruments in its entirety, from the floor with smart vacuum cleaners, to the ceiling, with air conditioners.

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Have professionals for the revision and repair

At the time of making the necessary checks and checks mentioned above, it is necessary to take into account that another of the problems that often aggravate the situation of the wiring, is to resort to companies or individuals who do not have the necessary security measures or formal knowledge to achieve a formal diagnosis of the situation in the residence, being a duty for owners who seek their safety, have to look for professionals in the area that have a reputation and a history that supports their expertise in the related area.

This type of experts in the field will be those who are trained to detect which are the weak points and threats that threaten the integrity of the home, among which we can highlight the presence of uncovered electrical wires whose operation is high risk and tend to affect overheating and unwanted electrical discharges; disparities in the distribution of electrical voltage in the house; or in the case of buildings, the absence of a differential in operation that serves as a defensive measure for the inhabitants of the place.

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