5 Benefits of Regular Electrical Upgrades in New York

Professional electrical upgrades in New York

Among the reasons why an owner must restructure either his home, business, office or warehouse, we can highlight either the remodeling of the environment in which it is located or the updating of the elements that are part of the building to ensure the extension of its useful life and the safety of those who live in it, enable the infrastructure for new utilities and functions or the maximization of the profits it currently has, and ultimately, among many other alternatives, to ensure the profitability of the same in the long term.

However, the main reason for choosing to remodel a structure is generally centered on the fact that it has imperfections in its finish from the beginning, which usually threaten the safety of the residents, being one of the biggest problems, those inaccuracies that are not easily visible, such as defective parts in the internal electrical system of a home or carelessness in the construction process, which generally occurs in finished structures that do not meet all the quality standards that guarantee its proper functioning.

In relation to the example used above, a wiring with a deficient or faulty installation is usually a high-risk aspect within a home; overloading this type of systems can commonly lead to fires, this being one of the most frequent types of incidents in an average home. However, it is relevant to note that electrical wiring is constantly being used, and this will lead to its rapid deterioration and breakdown, therefore, checking it periodically to ensure the absence of short circuits, faulty or outdated contacts becomes a must for homeowners.

Professional electrician working on an electrical panel

What we said are based on various statistics that have shown that at least 25% of homes have electricity systems that were installed more than 40 years ago, which were programmed to meet energy demands different from those observed today, which can be established as five times higher than in the past, thanks to the different appliances that have been invented and can be found in homes.

The above mentioned represents a serious problem today, considering that the instruments that distribute electricity are not renewed with the same frequency as the electronic elements that play more obvious roles in the day to day in a home, such as the kitchen, washing machine or televisions, highlighting the great importance of making a periodic maintenance and checking of the electrical system of the hand of people who have expertise in this field.

In this way, the following are the advantages derived from the periodic updates of the wiring, based on what was previously stated:

Increased safety: 

The main enemy of safety, a fundamental factor with respect to electrical energy, is associated with old and outdated systems that have high probabilities of causing mainly fires or short circuits, among many other problems related to this energy. Professional electricians usually recommend periodic inspection of the wiring to ensure its good condition and optimal performance and perform, if necessary, the installation of ground fault circuit interrupters (GFCI) and update control panels.

Energy savings:

One of the main advantages of this type of upgrades is that, thanks to the renovation of electrical systems, it is possible to implement much more efficient and optimized devices and elements to perform the task of transmitting energy to the corresponding appliances, making a better use of it. To exemplify this fact, we can highlight the implementation of LED lighting instead of the typical fluorescent bulb.

Professional electrical wiring for improved efficiency

Improved functionality:

Equipping the home electrical system with the most modern variants found in the global market will corroborate that the same will be much more useful and adaptable to new technologies, which are generally created with different power inputs than those possessed by older plugs and sockets. 

Increased convenience: 

An example of how these types of upgrades can impact the comfort that is generated within an environment is centered on the fact that, through the installation of an innovative or much more capable system than the previous one, the incorporation of other elements that facilitate the stay in the place, such as an air conditioner or fans that promote air circulation, is facilitated.

Increase in the value of the property: 

Ultimately, these types of upgrades are a valuable attraction for buyers and investors who want to make a safe and secure purchase that guarantees their physical integrity. The possession of sockets, switches and other elements related to energy, which are safe to manipulate in a homemade way and that in turn are trained for the needs of a modern family are of utmost relevance.

Thus, it can be seen that periodic electrical updates are a work that has a notorious influence that influences various aspects of the home, from the most priority and essential as safety and performance, to the more specific as the incorporation of large quantities of appliances and elements that work with electricity to facilitate and provide greater comfort in day to day.

Professional electrical wiring in New York

Why hire a qualified electrician to upgrade your wiring?

Those who are trained and professional in the field of electricity are the ones qualified to carry out this type of system upgrade work, since they are trained and instructed to deal with the various risks that may arise in this work.

In this sense, it is important to mention that hiring someone who “understands electricity” does not offer the same guarantee as hiring a person with expertise in the area who can establish the appropriate quality standards in the work or who has the appropriate safety measures. A properly trained electrician is a fundamental pillar not only in the repair and renovation of such systems, but also in making decisions and remodeling within the home, supported through their own experience.

Our specialized and justified work based on formal knowledge, allows us to make diagnoses and work with optimal results that seek customer satisfaction. The work days are focused on an endless cycle of analyzing, installing, testing, designing, assembling, determining repetitively and constantly, therefore, we have enough experience to do work that ensures a high level of quality.

Image illustrating affordable electrical panel services in New York

Why hire us?

In Network One Electrical Contracting Corp, among a great variety, we develop works such as the following:

  • Installation and repair of lighting systems as well as electrical circuits and security systems of this nature.
  • Diagnosis, repair and supervision of electrical problems and projects.
  • Electrical installations and troubleshooting at home, in communities of owners, in stores and businesses, in garages for vehicle charging points.
  • Electrical bulletins.
  • Renovation of the electrical installation of the meter room.
  • Efficiency studies to promote electrical savings in homes, businesses, offices and industry.

If among your needs is any of the above mentioned or you have one in particular that you do not appreciate but that is the task of a professional in this field, contact us. We attend to electrical emergencies, bordering localities and we develop lighting projects in homes, businesses and industries. More than 60 years of experience guarantee our quality.

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